The whisper of the prophetic voice

In the chaos of the quest for dominance people seem to have forgotten that the majesty of morality cannot ever be achieved by legislation of any kind. If God was going to establish his kingdom on the Sinai Covenant that would be abundantly clear, but the New Testament makes no such appeal. The need for a prophetic voice has been exclusively vetted in the person and work of the Messiah.

If the American Judeo Christian platform is trustworthy then we must admit that there is no progress for the meek of the earth. The thousands of pastors, evangelists, deliverance ministers, and teachers seem to have lost their first love. There is not a single voice or pen that has stepped into the breech to call out the xenophobia and oppression of the poor or the greed and violence of the patriotic class.

It is not possible that the servants of Christ do not recognize the injustice and moral decay that America and most of the modern states have refused to confess. The excellence of Christ that Peter says we were called from darkness to proclaim is hidden under a mountain of legal nonsense. It is not the cross that drives their agenda, but law. They will, as a result, take the side of the beastly and satanic world order – to be seen as law-abiding. They have already shown that they are more interested in the unborn than in the living. It suits their agenda that mass murders are unstoppable because someone is profiting excessively from the sale of weapons.

The one thing that defines Christianity is often discarded once a person is received into fellowship. New believers find themselves looking up at Moses and wondering how could such a thing happen. The culture of works – filthy rag rightrousness – has stilled the prophetic voice of Christ and his apostles. Without a direct line to Messianic sayings and deeds the voice of authority is a mere window-dressing whisper.