A day to remember, eh?

One day long ago a Philistine capital was rocked to its foundation. A Jewish official, appointed by God and given superhuman powers, pulled down a Philistine government building killing 3000 persons. That day changed nothing in Canaan. In 2004 a tsunami took the lives of 225,000 in the Indian Ocean. That day changed nothing in the Asian world. Eighteen years ago the American people suffered the loss of 3000 persons in a suicide attack that also brought down a building. That day changed nothing even though the mantra would have people believe that there is a new era and a new world order emerging.

The one lesson that does way more than any kind of memorialization is the elemtary collective security and unity that nations love to name and fail to claim.

Appeal of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, June 1936

I ask the fifty-two nations, who have given the Ethiopian people a promise to help them in their resistance to the aggressor, what are they willing to do for Ethiopia? And the great Powers who have promised the guarantee of collective security to small States on whom weighs the threat that they may one day suffer the fate of Ethiopia, I ask what measures do you intend to take?

Representatives of the World I have come to Geneva to discharge in your midst the most painful of the duties of the head of a State. What reply shall I have to take back to my people?”