Finding rest in the text – B

Continuing our conviction that coming to God’s written word is a deal that brings rest, we venture to propose that our coming and arrival includes guarding the

Protecting the mysteries

Our defence of  the faith is an important part of our rest.  This will ultimately call for us to walk in the other person’s shoes. This is a primary contributor to spiritual health. It is more than having thoughts and prayers and even having an emotional expression or deliverance insights about our neighbours in their adversity. Theology that brings us to law, Moses, Jewish types and fables as the ultimate expressionn9fnthr kin hd9mjru4dis suspect because the texts are designed to bring us to Christ, to discoveries of the substance of what the earlier witnesses saw or spoke about as yet future, not understanding but yet saved by the faith they possessed.

Real Rest

The aim of God’s intervention is to deposit divine love in human hearts.
The yoke – easy and educational – that we are invited to take on gives us real rest in the place of annual cycles of sin and death. Even when our love does not provide the relief needed for life’s situations rest is assured.  We rejoice with those rejoicing, and we mourn with the mourners. Our rest takes Messianic shape with our dynamic connection to our neighbours. Our rest is not from our hostile neighbours but from the anointed work of God.

Guarding the word and the treasure the word brings

We do theology only to the extent that we have been equipped by our pastors to do so. Instead of holding people captive to our pastoral acuity and expertise we ought to take the greatest pleasure in seeing our members advance along the lines of our own empowerment and outfitting. Currently we keep looking for problems to solve, the miracle relief, but both the written word and the personal Word of God give rest without revolving yawning.