Revolutionary Courage

In the ocean of commandment-keeping people in Babylon where covenant violation had landed them – three lads (count them!) had the courage to say no to state sanctioned idolatry. The chances of finding three courageous souls among just one thousand believers (of any religious persuasion) is highly unlikely.

What makes the three heroic is their refusal to continue the treachery of their ancestors. Daniel’s iconic prayer ought to sober up the drunkards of our times who see God’s kingdom and glory as rooted in Mosaic law (there is no law that did not come via Moses).

The Law that saves is the one-word covenant. You can call it grace, or faith, or love, and it does not come from Sinai. There was no law in Eden about Adam’s neighbour’s house, wife, nor manservant, maidservant, ox, or ass.

Who is likely to fall prey to state decrees? The law-abiding or lawless?

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