Well-meaning hash

One person may read the following comment – intended to exhort – and get all excited. Another reads it and sees it for what it contains. That should not be strange, should it?

When we accomplish anything good, whether temporal or spiritual, we must bear in mind it is Christ who gives us the strength to do it. Therefore we have to give Him thanks and praise, because there is no strength within us. If we want to be better Christians, we can through Christ. Let’s look unto Christ, sinless is He.

The exhortation also features a Bible verse (one often twisted)

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (2 and 2)

Philippians 4:13

In the exhortation first person (I we us) appears 8 times, third person (him) appears 5 times. In the Bible verse the score is 2 and 2.

How does this exhortation make Christ the significant one?

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