Run sister! Run brother!

I can guarantee you that my great, great, grandfather’s loins were rocking with protest against the slavemaster and his assertion of property rights. If you are wondering, I am a descendant of African people, a part of the waves of westward transported labour to America and the Caribbean.

Since the 17th century, European powers (Spain, Portugal, France, England, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany) have been exploiting their own poor and people in far-flung lands with various justifications.

I would have been a runner: running off the slaveowners property to entrust my life to God. They would have had to chain me 24/7 or kill me.

Running is good for the believer.

  • When temptation seems to corner us we should run
  • When persecution closes in on us we can run
  • When Christ says follow me we should run

We live because Christ gave us life

We sing because Christ gave us a song

We conquer because Christ gave us the victory

We should run – live – for life’s sake and remember that our crown does not come from anyone overcoming sin.  Even with laws in our hearts and near countless constant recitations of God’s will we come to God with contrition or prove that we are still lost, having no Spirit to help because we did not really believe that God forgives sin all the time and powers our life moment by moment.