Next Wave – Nobility in Barbarism

The world has lurched into dead ends, plunged over sheer cliffs, armed itself with suicidal attitudes,  and most recently vowed to return to ancient conventions as if nothing has been learned.  The prince of dreamers consorts with despots,  mass murderers, and oligarchs, while claiming  to have the utmost respect for those who fought ad died for democratic ideals  and some how that is supposed to be good for everyone.

I will not agree to murderous community rules from any source. Being tough on crime has been a tool of bad players, mostly Caucasian men. The most convenient way to deceive people about the next wave of human social development is to appeal to laws, good or bad, and hope that enough common ground can be found.

Select terms that define barbarian can be applied to 99.9% of today’s experts in many fields and prophets. I once heard that “bar bar” was the sound of non-Greek language, and it makes sense that educators today do nothing more than “bar bar” mindlessly reciting what they have learned from their parents.

The Lamb and the beast in bed?

No official alliance is necessary between the civic and religious powers. We can hardly deny the cooperation that is necessary. It is however a certainty that legal frameworks have only served corruption and oppression. Sinai was a failure. Everyone except two individuals died without seeing the promised land, and easy believism unravels as soon as our expectations turn to the human heart and the excellent virtues such as compassion and brotherly love. There has always been an alliance between church and state. The deliberate separation of church and state by the framers  of the constitution of the United States is a wise hedge against tyranny.

Good night, noble savage

But now, look at the rush to bring values to public policy, a red herring if there ever was one. What Christian principle can anyone bring to a beast? What Judaic instruction can fix the problems of the human heart? I think that when public flogging, stoning, and a policy of lies top the agenda we will be very sorry we bought this pig in a poke. It is like being impressed with “10 commandments are better than 9”. No barbarity is more effective than giving voice to racist and nationalist ideologies when the times call for attention to the human family without discrimination. Our Jewish friends have been on both sides of this fence. We should learn from their experience.