The greatest potus of all time

The leader of the free world goes down in shame, appropriately labelled. Caught with his — around his —, his — on the —, and his — spewing —, the people who for eight years did every thing to oppose, malign and intimidate President Obama now rise to defend the house they desolated. A mountain of wild west quasi-legal jargon cannot rebuild the dignity of the people’s house. It is a distinction of the greatest president of all time not to know the difference between right and wrong.

Who can forget how the little d-t sat beside the Russian leader mum about Russian atrocities? Who can forget how the convicted scammer visited the Holy Land and collaborated with Zionist malice against the Palestinians?  Does anyone forget how the megalomaniac tax cheat called the mothers of many of America’s distinguished citizens s-hole nations?

King of  corruption and crud

I no longer wonder that evangelicals think he is leader.  Leaders do everything well except follow,  and especially not crowds.   The cheapest, most insensitive, hateful and cruel obsessions of the human race are at the centre of their approach to life.   They have not noticed that the dear leader little d-t, king of the GOP does what the devil (Satan) is known for: lying and covering up. If those sorcerers had anything to do with Christ beside scalp tickets to heaven they would not be bewitched by racist and neo-nazism or paper heroes of capitalism like little d-t.

They now have the spotlight to spin their illusions of American greatness as the Duke of Mar a Lago gets the appropriate label. Condemned for Corruption