The Cult of the Cross and the Living Truth

The spectacle of an innocent man being dragged off to die at the hands of the guilty cannot be repeated and we cannot recited ot often enough, even though as we start sending greetings about the Babe of Bethlehem the last thing on our minds may very well be the cross and the way it opened up for humanity.

A lot of cute things can be said and sung about Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad in addition to the substantial recognition of the profound ring of fire that attended the birth of Christ. A lot of tables and appetites will be dedicated to the thrills of the season and even the serious moments of reflection can become a self-centered satisfaction of acquiring a ticket to heaven or even miraculous power.

The public life of the light from Nazareth is brief – a mere 3 years, yet it is the choice of Galilee that informs us most accurately about the contrasts between the darkness and the great light.  Take a look at an old man’s witness if there are lingering doubts that Christ brought a refreshing and effective way to relate to God. 

A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.

Luke 2:32

To lighten the Gentiles was never a Jewish goal.   The barriers thrown up to make Gentiles 2nd class (or worse) followers of Moses are too numerous to mention.  A Saviour, even one born of David’s lineage, could not possibly be from (be a resident or have grown up) in Nazareth.

Thousands of gallons of the blood of bulls and goats after the atonement services began there is no sign that there is any lighting up for a Gentile. God has not asked Gentiles to be anything but light. It is our heritage to stand with the cult that remembers the cross as the smoking gun of Christmas.

Babes in managers do not save the world, neither do scribes of the law, or fundamental followers of Moses and the patriarchs.