Deadly Viral Ark

The ark is a coffin. The deal inside is a death sentence. We are sure it had a reputation as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. It’s presentation was deceptive: it revealed perpetually unfinished business and expectations. It was a huge case of extreme Hollywood. Larceny dogged the trails of the ark’s keepers and greed and deception ruled the day. The ark is one more toy that fades when the real deal arrives. For those entities squeezing themselves into an imitation of ancient Israel the trip leads nowhere. We do not hear that the ark stands for the container of God’s will in the Messianic tradition because reverence for the ark as a law container does not fit with a God who has disarmed condemnation. We remain sure that the message for the world’s salvation is the God-with-us-man, not a deadly viral ark.

  • Should not every people have a coffin?
  • Should not every people have a priesthood for their coffin?

The sight of the ark is a temptation to talk – perhaps brag a little – when in fact there is nothing to say for a box that is disguised as treasure. Revelation 11:19 is a megaphone in this regard and follows Jeremiah’s prediction.

And when you have multiplied and been fruitful in the land, in those days, declares the Lord, they shall no more say, The ark of the covenant of the Lord. It shall not come to mind or be remembered or missed; it shall not be made again. Jeremiah 3:16

Until John sees the coffin in vision no one in the New Testament period nor in the intertestamental period mentioned the coffin. It did not even come to mind and writing the covenant all over one’s clothing and talking about it did not save a single Israelite. They ate manna and died. They and the vast majority of their descendants talked a good game and provoked God to dramatic action. When we are talking about salvation people who think that the law is the whole duty of man should keep quiet.

Now comes the truth. It’s a man named Yeshua, not a tent or a temple.

  • If that box had a command that gave eternal life everyone needs one.
  • If that box had a promise in it that lengthens life everyone needs one.
  • If everyone has a coffin then there is no distinct chosen people, such as Israel.

Real treasure is excellence in human flesh, the good thing from Nazareth, the flower in the swamp (the Black man in the White House?)

Real treasure needs a nondescript background.

Since Christ revealed his righteousness apart from law and is our atonement ( hilasmon ) and our altar ( hilasterion ) why is anyone glorifying a death-dealing box, or trying to explain salvation and holiness by using the terms and processes of a doomed priesthood and the kindergarten principles of food and drink?