The low ground of self-defence

We have been hearing a loud noise about the right to defend oneself, but it is always the right of beastly powers to assault the victims of injustice and to grind defenceless people into abject prostitution.  One must recognize that God has not elevated martial arts – jujitsu and judo – to the level of honourable attutude and pure behaviour.

Where is the defence of the next generation of leaders, the young people of our nations? It remains buried underneath the mountain of capitalist greed, hateful agendas, and militarism. Pure unadulterated love of mankind is missing from the actions of most of our governments. Reverence for human life amounts to mere words in the constitutions of the nations, not a thing that they aspire to perfect.

Neighborly morality

Let us ponder where was self-defence when Canaan was the target of genocide? Let us ponder today’s violence against worshippers in their synagogues, mosques, and churches as a grave warning against the mentality of the world before the flood. Let us resolve to distance ourselves from this contamination of human society by standing with David and his house, with the Risen Saviour of the world. We do not need to ask “Who is our neighbour?”