City on a hill

The picture for me is rich. Even my native village is on a hill as if beckoning. A large portion of it receives the morning sun. There hill cities like Jerusalem and Zion, and designated hills like Ottawa’s Parliament Hill and Washington DC’s Capitol Hill and Rome’s seven hill. They cannot be hidden. There is nothing anyone can do to hide them. If not hidden, then we see them from every angle of approach.

Impossible Coverup

If we listen to the crowd we will believe that believers fail in some way that hides good works and robs God of glory. This is not possible. “Cannot be hidden” and “you cannot hide ” are the same.  The next time you are tempted to assist someone with their light-bearing duties step away and remember that their lives are adorned and protected by a straightforward mission focus: there is no hiding. Their place on God’s chosen hill assures that there will be no hiding.