Ted Cruz: hypoman

The cowardly and verbose senator did not know how sick he was when he embraced the bigot now occupying the white house began his campaign for the presidency with vicious anti-Mexican and anti-Islamic attacks and unconstitutional policies, but he finds a decent bone in his body to protest the Speaker of the House ripping the hard copy of the chief bigot’s state of the union speech in plain sight.

Where was Ted when the evidence of the president’s criminal enterprise came to light? Will any one ever know what deals the senator made with the chief bigot? Did Ted get an apology for the shameless liar’s name calling? No and no.

Sorry Ted vs Brave Speaker

The GOP is a very pretty sepulchre. Ted’s face is a pretty nauseating reminder of what happens inside the elaborate tombs of prophet killers. Ted and the GOP need a resurrection, a makeover, a regeneration. Maybe they can get Jared. He can do everything!