Thank God. No sawdust for dinner in Palestina

The Israeli PM and the US president are sleepwalking again.  Their peace plan is a dog’s dinner after a pig’s bath.  It is a plan cooked up in the dead of night and with little (we can assume none) Palestinian contribution. It will thrive in the oppressive vacuum where it originated.

Palestine is not a modern Arab invention

Israeli talking points figure highly in that massacre the beloved son-in-law of the bigot in the white house plagiarized. It rejects Palestinian identity and the globally approved peace plan. efforts has been pro-Israeli rights, especially the right to self-defence. Just so we remember where we are: the UN mandate refers to the Palestinian Problem not an Israeli self defense plan.

Peace’s Poison Pill

The so-called peace plan is a field of potholes with little footpaths leading to domination by xenophobic and genocidal politicians. It is, without a doubt, not Kushner’s. He is saying what the fearful have said. It is a terrorist-inspired plot. His ultimatum and smear were either intentional or the secretive genius is really unaware of the history of annexations and illegal settlements. Anything worse would be an announcement of apartheid.

Kushner’s Camel Sandwich

The American people have little awareness of Israel’s violations of human rights of the Palestinians and the heartless repression of Jewish sentiment and the crushing of the hopes of generation after generation. It is not an economic hand out that will solve the problem of ignorance and lawlessness. The announcement of be Kushner’s plan will stand next to the invention of kosher ham and free crucifixes for Palestinians. Camels do not make it through needles’ eyes.

The Jewish state remains in denial with a simmering anger allowed to flourish over the failure to rid the land of foreigners.