Did you thank God for obedience

We give thanks for many things, even disasters, but few have the presence of mind to give thanks for everything as it happens. The list can be tiring if you are not an angel. I have heard thanks for commandments and trials, but never have I heard a note of thanks for obedience: God’s will received and done.

Where are the grateful aces?

What is going on here? Something fishy. Do we not say we delight in doing everything what God wants? Maybe not enough. So where are the people who say “Thanks for allowing me to perfectly and completely comply with your will”? Hiding in the shadows of biblical ignorance and empty symbols, types and traditions. Let us not forget the composite character of Psalm 119 who says with one breath “help me” and “I have done all you asked ” with the next.

This type of bravado based on human performance and triumph never seems to connect with gratitude. Perhaps that is because it does not exist. While it is just fine to give thanks for things we expect from guaranteed sources it is at best divorced from reality to say “Today I do not need a Saviour from sin”. Well, at least, if we are disciples, praying as we were taught, obedience perfected is not on the gift list.