Impeaching “45”

December 20, 2019

The thinly disguised longing for the good old days of Boss Hogg and Roscoe P. Coltrane has taken over the Republican party and the Churches The rejection of the authentic Messiah and a feigned commitment to the Bible (which is usually Solomonic wisdom or crude Sinai copycat), never got a grip in American life. The failure to protect vulnerable children from violence is proof that unprincipled leadership will not prevail. The 45th president may be celebrated as an unloaded 45 handgun, wielded by men who have learned to use words to incite but never learned to read.

Triggering a constitutional crisis has been the goal of radio heads and entertainers on television. Perhaps they can tell the “45” that the articles of impeachment are an illusion, and keep telling him that presidential power can protect him from Messianic truth (which is what matters if you read the Bible).

The GOP-dominated Senate will experience either a miraculous transformation from good old privileged boys to men of just principles or exposure as public officials interested only in their own re-election and confirmed as defenders of a criminal and incompetent buffoon. Gun culture takes a big hit just as Canada considers banning handguns. Kiss USA version 2 north of the 49th “goodbye” and let the Bigot-in-chief know his time is up.