Competition kills all competitors

The focus is human life was never “take care care of yourself by any means”. The right to self-defence seems to apply only to imperial powers and rogue nations.

Are we supposed to believe that the First Nations of the world have given up their right to have secure borders? Does justice and progress give a nod to homicide, sorcery, and theft?

Instead of fostering fellowship and the common good the prime goal is “more for me and my clan”. That is why all the so-called democracies, republics, and theocratic states have deteriorated into dens of merchandising magnates and covetous champions.

Some people have been frantically building walls to prevent the truth about their abominable practices from reaching the outside world. It is probably too late for some. They never took the time to see the human race and this planet as our common bond. Despising others never had God’s approval. Putting my nation and people first is a doomed policy. Why did anyone join the rat race? Get out while you can!