What fantasies of justice!

Amber waves of grain are hard to find in the land where Jews are thought to want to replace their rescuers and gracious host. That justice is dead in America we are quick to say because we saw the chief justice of the Supreme Court sit in the chair in the impeachment trial of the most corrupt president in history and said nothing as the Republican senators perjured themselves.

Vanity Fair headline

The good ole boys

The good old boys network has been in full swing since Mueller found a vast criminal enterprise engulfing the White House. More than enough crime has stained the fingers of potus45 and a growing number of his “generals”, all those good men and patriot pathetics who have either pleaded guilty or or were convicted of crimes. Were it not for the justice department rule that the president not be indicted for regular crimes the president would be serving several long sentences and paying fines for his tax evasion and violation of women’s rights.

Justice begins the day the gloating bigot leaves office.

Where on the planet might the chief offender choose to hide from American justice?