Let them tell who they are

When you get a chance to tell who you are – given certain limits – what do you choose to highlight? Is it the great pedigree of your clan, the distinctive features on your character, the trending human description (good, different, free). or is it what the majority (the rest of the world) sees? One of the sickening realities about identity is that while science continues the search at great cost for human origins the globe is trapped in an identity crisis: we do not know who our neighbours are and we do not care.

Me-first is a deadend

Let no law or decree wedge you off the bridge. Islam follows the Way by four centuries and while it rewrites the Hebrew scriptures, which are thousands of years older and pretends to interpret the New Testament which claims to be the fulfillment of the old testament, it is obvious it doesn’t care that the Jews have done one thing we cannot deny. The Jews have the accurate record of what God did and wants.

Let people tell you who they are. Just stand back and watch their actions. Are they killing or redeeming life, liberating men women and children or are they enslaving people?