The covid-19 blessing

We are showing the world how threatened we are by both surprising events and by scheduled ones. Death is coming and we have no remedy.  Coronavirus threatens a lot of people and the remedy is not blood on the doorpost of anyone’s house nor are there buttons available to believers to vaccinate people or cure people.

Spiritual solutons are essentially cheap trash. Would we not expect our Jewish brothers and sisters to tell us that the solution to the pandemic is obedience to all the Commandments of God? Are Muslims saying that covid-19 gets beaten if we believe that Muhammad is Allah’s only prophet and there’s only one God named Allah?

Plague or plot

When exactly the blood of Christ became a commodity for Christians (and anyone else who dares) to pour, wipe, smear or sprinkle is not clear. It is not a Bible doctrine. Demons are responsible for the idea that Christ’s blood is for everything. It is not healthy to call bad things good but that does not restrain the fear mongers. They believe they can stop the plague from doing what God wants, but we cannot have the pandemic as one of the must-happens and complain about it and expect God to stop it before it does its work. When the plagues at the end of the age move into their last stage we do not see the masses repenting, and we cannot believe that catastrophic events are intended to help people see a loving God and worship Him. You buy that and you’ve lost your mind.

Look up! Redemption is near!

So when you hear the list of great things that will come about as a result of the coronavirus pandemic just be sure that that virus does not become the god that we are worshipping, which is the way it seems right now. How many of us are doing bad things so good can come? Is that a godly method? Get yourself a God who can hear you and talk to you and you will be in line for every day blessings, with or without pandemics, famines or earthquakes.