Pandemonium meets pandemic

Pandemic for a lot of people means a determination to survive and courage to keep believing as the world relies on its tried and true projects, some heroic, some sour puss, others unhinged and manic.


  • Deception
  • Reports of wars and
  • rumours of wars
  • International conflict or insurrection
  • jurisdictional conflict or insurrection
  • famines
  • pestilences, and
  • earthquakes

With these the party is just getting started.  All these are the beginning of sorrows (birth pangs).  Yet to come:

  • deliver you up to be afflicted
  • assassinations
  • hatred by all nations for Christ’s sake
  • many take offence
  • betray one another
  • hatred

Pandemic puts the spotlight on people: all the people. As a man of African descent it is not easily that people like me can trust that fellow citizens are going to be truthful about washing their hands and reporting their symptoms. It feels like someone is preparing to count humanity. It looks like the typical beastly behaviour – breaking things then come in like a saviour.  At least the progress towards good governance – human style – needs to have population statistics. There are four things that will come out of the coronavirus outbreak: (1) the data of infected vs non-infected people, (2) the vaccine we can expect to be rolled out soon, (3) the potential for draconian actions to address human safety and (4) the intrusion of government into spiritual life and freedom of thought.

Beastly interests vs the thunder

A pandemic forces humans to congregate at home. What do we have to lose? Few people have heard the thunder of the global voice calling for an end to the injustices of religion and politics.  Fewer have heard the pin drop in the parade of good people.  The truly important things about human destiny are not going to be written.  In John’s prophecy the thunder utterances are classified.  You and I need to hear the thunder for ourselves

The seven thunders spoke, and I started to write. But then I heard a voice from heaven that said, “Don’t write what the seven thunders said. Keep those things secret.”

Revelation of John 10:4

Plagues – divine strikes or blows – are not like rain and snow. There are no human remedies, so let us not think we will ever pray a plague away. When this outbreak we will naturally be in a new place. God will still be God inviting people to come to him. If we see a line up for baptism across the affected areas it will be a different world from the one that followed the 911 murders. Let us not contribute to chaos and animalistic behaviour. Some people may feel that covid-19 is none of their business but the spread of concerted action in response is merely a shadow of the discomfort into which our lives will be thrown when the plagues begin. But, not yet!