It is said that a cry for mercy gets attention from God.  It does not matter where you live, what filth we are involved in, or what lies we have become addicted to, God has mercy pursuing us.  He knows we – saved or lost – need it.


The glaring hazard to God’s wisdom, love and power is the theory that humans can do God’s will without the help he has sent.  Since his help is God the Holy Spirit and not a thing – such as a book, a palace, a job, some real estate – what can anyone make of a time when Christians do not need the actual help of God’s guidance into all
  • There is no time when we do not need help to pray
  • believers are lifeless without the Holy Spirit
  • Life is empty and fruitless if we stop depending on the Holy Spirit
  • God’s residence in us and God’s help are inseparable from our being His property
  • Quit nuking yourself with strange theories about our COMFORTER, please.