Willingly blind

Whoever oppresses the poor to increase his own wealth, or gives to the rich, will only come to poverty.

Prov. 22:16

The governments that oppress the people with fewer or liitle means are going to find out. If Solomon has a thing to say about rich and influential people you would think the victory and prosperity crew would find it and trot it out. Not this one. People can make up all kinds of limits, barriers, and criteria for governing how they interact with the poor, but God is not deceived by anyone’s greatness. Neither was Solomon. But we can take our evaluation of the treatment of the poor to another level. Yeshua said that the poor will always be among us. So, kiss the prosperity of all believers GOODBYE.

The other “poor” are the people in prison whom the heartless in governemnt are willing to see perish. When, not if, this happens, righteous indignation, greater than the threatened fire and fury on the PRK, will paint that nation out of its mind and out of mercy and grace.

While the bigot in the White House distracts the people with a Quixotic fight against Black and Brown people, a radical hatred of immigrants and the fundung of the World Health Organization, he continues to press more and more of the American people’s money into the pockets of the corporate giants , scores of fly-by-night corporations and shadow chuches, all of whom who have been denying people the one decent job they need. A sadder brutality is hard to conceive happening in the 21st century. Let his 1/3 base and the greedy manipulators of the common pot cling to the delusion that the crumbs in tax relief is a sign of real prosperity for the majority. They will be clinging until the political skies part and give the United States a truly democratic government. It will be the GOP that incites riots and the upheavals that will signal the end of the human era. They do not want to see either justice or prosperity.