You can always change

Good griefs are closing in on our family. The human race, rising nations, and all the alliances we have formed are exposed to threats of death and death if we exercise the freedom to keep our minds clear about who really is in charge of humanity’s journey and destiny.


When governments were stopping at nothing to enslave and brainwash their populations we trusted them. I know for sure that the history books were not intended to give us power to change society. They covered up what Europeans and the United states were doing to the planet, resources and people. We trusted them when it was beyond our knowledge and when it caused us pain. Today people question everything. We trust governments, public or private services to respect our privacy and our consciencous decisions.

The truth is we do not know what those cookies that mark our choice (e.g. to change an app permission) actually do. If we can always change it how do we know that the choice is actually respected when we cannot monitor the cookie?

Thinking about what everyone on the planet needs we can see how important life itself is as stupid businessmen are encouraging people to try drugs that are not prescribed. Now do you believe that a country can be a trap for the nations with her pharmaceutical expertise in addition to being a stronghold for demons? We can always change our view of our neighbours as mere trading partners and potential enemies. That was always the choice. Why one more world war? We cannot change the upcoming bloodshed and destruction but we can redirect our confidence from sand to rock.

“Can the Ethiopian change his skin Or the leopard his spots? Then you also can do good Who are accustomed to doing evil.

Jeremiah 13:23