Pants down, great johns and jobs

If you are thinking that this post is about sexual activity forgive yourself. That title is inspired because the most intense developments in sacred environments have the character and terms of legit and illicit intimacy.

We can be sure the guys hanging around the halls of power have only heard the alternate facts about Cyrus the Persian (the ancient Iranian). Does Iran need a western power to tell it where its capital is? Why are Jews not taking the highway of reconciliation with the desendants of the power that bankrolled and protected the return of Jewish exiles from exile in Persia? Who can believe that the people in power have not heard that Britannia (the United Kingdom) used to rule the waves and do they not see where that little island is right now?

I suspect that the only sane head on the planet is going to be a monarch, likely one of the Solomonic dynasty or Her Majesty QE2. I hear people like vice president of United States Mike Pence and the little bigot potus45 talking about great jobs and it seems to me that no one notices that all the great powers have been caught with their pants down when it comes to taking care of the vulnerable people in society.

What reason is there for believing that the pandemic will be anything beside a profiteering opportunity?

No backbone at all

Someone must have bought the backbone of the hundreds of warriors and patriots, because the only enemies they seem to target are vulnerable immigants, women, children, Black people with no real estate, and states across the globe who think they need the United States to survive. Where was the Great Uncle Sam prison house and demon strnghold when Herod sought to kill the Christ child? Where was Russia and China when Abraham was a great prince in Canaan in the middle of an ocean of bandit city states?

For the love of God and humanity, people, smell the coffee. Do you want your nation to be a replica of Great Britain, the selfish little brat, brexiting when the world needs unity. The signs of solidarity with the prophets of old have faded and the new kingdom ways are even more remote. It is sheer madness for cities to want to imitate New York, London and Paris. Why? The crumbs for the poor and the discrimination against poor, Black and Brown people are not that attractive? It is plain to see how the dogs are eating the dogs, the men and women with backbones get persecuted and fired- every one of them- for saying the truth. How little has the world changed. It is hard to find someone who really thinks his nation deserves a thumbs up. Pants are down and shame is on display in every trade agreement and transaction at the “convenience store”. Everything is for sale including the human mind. Let us understand that being either pimp, prostitute, or john does not become us.