Caring temperatures slump to 32°F

When we buy the popular mantras of religion or politics we can end up with our feet in our mouths. Our parents’ word was supreme when we were children and even the word of any elder in the community was functionally acceptable. Not any more. Who cares what the neighbour in By teenage we discard much of what they tell us, if not officially and conscientiously, at least experimentally, just to see what the other side of the tracks look like. If we are in adulthood the spitting image of our teenage and preteen personas we deserve the fate of pillars of salt. Love songs and family traditions are killing us while caring for each other slides to a cold 0°.

We cannot ignore those cultures that dig in their heels to keep intact and unchangeable everything received in their traditions from the cradle to the grave. It is common knowledge that no change, no growth is deadly. So says Malachi, Moses, and John the Baptist.

  1. Did God ever say to His son, behave youself?
  2. Was the law given to the world or to the only nation the Bible calls an evil nation, seed of evil-doers?
  3. Since sins and its lure come from within a person, what was Jesus’ struggle?

Can you imagine an Elijah who would tell you “Keep going! Everything’s gonna be alright!”? The world is on the rocks of its traditions of racial purity, exclusive religions and clubs, imperial aspirations, and false ideas about God.

Why does anyone suppose that religions are vigorously trying to shape their profile as insiders and stakeholders with the very powers that have denied what most people know about good and evil, the goodness of all creatures and the common debt to each other and God? If our attitudes to our neighbours ever include “I do not care” or “It does not matter” we are in the fridge. God does not accept a standard of love that treats people as not worth the whole universe. Law and order is a phony agent of love.

And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.

Matt. 24:12