A very bad smell on his hands

The gloating bigot in the White House is trying to show there is no blood on those pleading palms. His talking points can do nothing to turn back the plague and do not change his very public incompetence. Maybe his evangelical prophets and commandment-keeping sycophants have convinced him that the plagues included a scorching sun. Perhaps his sun-allergy has not taught him that heat kills people. There is no bleeding heart behind these hands that seem to say “Look, can’t you see I got this?”

I got this, not.

“We have this under control” sounds a lot like “what he’s done for others he’ll do for you”. “Open for business” is simply more prostitute lingo. What’s he going to do: forcefeed the population his miracle drug?

If we have learned anything about oppressive business and phony worship and nationalism it is that overturning vendor tables and throwing out moneychangers was the least the administration’s problems of Judea in New Testament times. If we really are wondering “what lesson” and want the facts, does what’s left of Judea look like a blessed-above-all nations? Who wants to live in a community where history rubs one’s face in the grime of human deceit?

What pie- in-the-sky grunge will the omnipotent toad of Mar a Lago invent when the economy falls – and it will – back into the abyss it came from? The Democrats did it?

Pity those “journalists” whose questions the bigot loves, and who say nothing when one of the pool gets an insult from the chief of America’s fine racists.

Cheer loudly for the journalists labelled fake because they pursue the facts and shake the criminal empire of 45 to its core. He has never been more exposed as incompetent and malicious as when he says “I’m not a doctor“? Duh! Perhaps he should to his admissions human, lover, leader, and thief.

“Just try this drug any way”. What do Americans have to lose? Their lives – that’s a thing people need to pursue liberty and happiness.

Wash your hands and take your hydroxychloroquine, please.