Watch for satanic slurs

We have long asked why democracies have prided themselves on having opposition benches.   Tell me why Canadians have not deserved a coming together of all elected MPs to work for the projects that have our consensus by majority. 

On hearing the Hon. Andrew Scheer slander the PM at the outset of the debates in the last election my conviction that a house divided falls was renewed.  Canadians know an American-wannabe when they see a party that in this day and age puts the 1% and their agenda above the needs of Canadians and especially our First Nations, even when the party has a plank touting the needs of Canadian “families”.  The Canadian and US political systems are based on Britain’s.  They have a misguided view that they can imitate God, who allows the devil to run around and stir up trouble.

He ain’t heavy when not constructive

People who take their function as political opposition seriously have no idea what they are going to choke on.  They can become utterly useless when the nation’s progress is forced into a back seat and the fortunes of a party that failed at the polls can make points about how poorly the government is doing.  Let’s remember the huge interpersonal and international (there were nations in this land when Èuropeans arrived) blunders made by the founders of our country, the decades of failing to see people as people, and bring to the front the community we know we have to be to survive the onslaught of imperialism, colonialism, and corporate and personal greed.

Let’s remember to speak and act with kindness, and be ready to forgive. Strangely though, in the spiritual universe Satan gets no forgiveness. He spent so much time seeking to unseat his monarch if the universe that we can try to understand why he gets his just desserts. Slander is the middle name of anyone taking the opposition role seriously. Diabolic fits the opposition’s modus operand. Even when false and demeaning the opposition’s missiles hide behind parliamentary tradition so Scheer can lobby for the question period circus and get air time to show how slanderous and corrupt his party has become, offering alternate data and spoiling for a fight, all the while professing to be on Team Canada. If Scheer or any of our leaders said openly he is testing the potus45 playbook Canadians will never forgive him. For everything else he is not heavy.