Signs of upheaval

The year AD 2020 is a surprising work in prophetic scandals. A few short months we were wishing each other unprecedented prosperity and good health, and some dared to call this year a season of God’s favour. God’s season began when the Nazarene toured with his disciples all the vikllages of the land of Israel. Here we are, facing the end of the second quarter and our neighbours are dying at alarming rates. I keep watching the lists of things that must happen before the end of the age and a lot of death is in every phase, including the death of all marine life. The sign of upheaval that one needs to keep a close eye on is the anxiety that floods our consciousness when we lose control of eating, drinking and being together. We are not reaching for pie in the sky heroes, but we are satisfied to turn off the fear when it rises as it surely does for humans of every persuasion.