New Normal! Oh no.

God gave the world to four empires in ancient times and the world’s leaders have all lost sight of their relative value since Rome lost its empire. Leadership seems to be getting ready to dupe the inhabitants of earth with a regime that spits on expert advice in the sciences and humanities. There is no new normal that can survive the influence of the historic record. We know that some of the beast’s allies are people who desperately cling to known lies and malice.

We will make sure that this deception and power grab happens with many eyes open. The new normal will be more of the same beastly greed and lust for dominance that made the earth’s inhabitants go gaga over technological and social wonders.

New low is not normal

The bad smell of racism and lynching is good for you. The virus will go away like magic. Obama is a criminal. Just take the drug, you have nothing to lose. Presidential power is absolute.