The snares of artificial intelligence

There is no innocent collection of user information. Those privacy policy statements are not about the compassion and love of a corporation. Viral videos and trojan horse apps and images are not the tools of a caring company. Our connection to our friends and family do not revolve around comparing reactions and forming consensus for religious or political or subversive reasons. The church and internet are not great places for interactions.  Who leads the interactions decides whether the technology serves as a highly effective tool to bring progress to the noble aspirations of humanity or serves ad a snare to trap people in sinister rooms of artificial intelligence.

There is not a single viral essay or blurb. Society is bored and needs bloodshed, either literal or verbal. Here is what dominates the internet.

  • Race-baiting videos
  • Kneejerk and reactionary videos
  • Tweets full of repetitive religious junk
  • Political propaganda
  • Ads to use Facebook
  • Talkshow satire
  • Comedic relief of politics and religion
  • Religious slogans
  • Offers for virtual or tele communications

You cannot be on the internet for 2 minutes and not see a Facebook ad urging the user to “react”.   The ads feature a rack of emojis.  None say “Let’s think”.  Look at where reacting has brought the public discourse.

Thinking is a rabbit hole

Did someone just figure out that people can be connected even though thousands of kilometers separate the parties? It is far more likely that there are nefarious exploitations coming on stream. If you are seeing the proliferation of Facebook ads do not pinch yourself.

Time and date website

Down we go. The holes cannot appear quickly enough.  People watch videos and they become experts.

Something just does not seem right. People are being urged to react and in many cases people react and “like” objects.  There is no need to have even a little knowledge of the subjects.  The vast majority of people who say they are Christians are not spokespeople for Christ and the gospel. Most can tell us about their experience but cannot contend for the faith.  Most people read the Bible but even those of us involved in leadership who are equipped are not stating accurately what the faith is.  These days communication thrives on opinion, speculation and angry talking points.  Just pick a TV preacher and, if you are from another planet, take a peek at the US president and the republican party leadership.  We have not seen this low level of trashy interactions.

People just want to react?

The destination, redirection and function of our clicks and likes should surprise us.   Even the photos we use as greetings are being used to contribute to polls and summaries of “opinion”. Be careful what you click.

Weather network website

Go ahead and click without watching to see where your click goes.  Go ahead and react without thinking.  Go ahead and contribute to the new conspiracy theories and the bank accounts of viral bigots and the empires of pirates.