No greater standard

We do not want a government telling us what to believe.  That sentiment may have launched both the boldest civic venture and the most fragile environment for life.  It is a religious divide that created the American mindset.  The founders were afraid of religous tyranny and many of them, being neither Christian nor Jew, saw no problem with the right to free speech and the right to bear arms.  Now we know that the right to honest leadership and access to truthful data would have been better choices.

Vicious Violence of Law Enforcement

Public service has been taking it’s time to sanitize itself from discrimination.  Church, synagogue and mosque have been dens of abuse.   People confuse God’s will for the human race with their culture.   God does not care who your parents are or what ancient practice you find worthy of attention.   In fact, the most disturbing developments in civic society is the attempt to combine the spiritual and secular livestreams.  Its failure stares us down as we look at the failed Islamic states, the decline of Christianity as a force in government and the rise of popular trashy maxims to the level of truth.

If lies are not immoral everywhere they are moral everywhere.