Who has seen the crocodile weeping?

Pretty things grab our attention and we do not easily forget the beauty. Useless things do too, and we are equally at a loss to drag ourselves away from the fables of the greatness of any state or country. The bigot in the White House knows that nobody but his 33% believes that he has a heart. Where are the voices of a person like Ben Carson, a man of faith who says he has a relationship with God and subscribes to the highest standards of moral excellence? They have not see the crocodile death-rolling day and night in the swamp, threatening civilians with the mlitary, and weeping over the lack of prey.

Law and order is a dead horse

Which pulpit is sounding the alarm this Sunday morning against police brutality? The fact that the framers of the American Constitution designed laws to put spirituality under the rug while they claim to be champions of the inalienable rights of every human being is what has kept Black people impoverished and oppressed. Many will tell you protesting is evil, but their voices have not been heard either in heaven or on earth protesting the bigotry in Israel, the UK, the USA, India, and Pakistan. We have not heard a word from the apostles and prophets of the 21st century calling out the suppression of human dignity in Tibet, South Sudan, Saudia Arabia, or Nigeria. They would rather distract people with phony miracles – things that happen every day and without request – and terrorize people with the Law of God – a childish and condemnatory foundation.

The pulpits of the 1/3 should be taking their crumbs of pride in colonial and imperial greatness and their heartless slogans about loyalty and patriotism to the outhouse or the White House. It is undoubtedly the deep from which all kinds of evildoing emerge. Law and order from the best tree has not created even brotherly love. Which religion allows women to be raped, shamed, and killed by vigilantees? Which nation state has closed doors to migrants and refugees, restricts the movements of visitors, looks the other way when minorities are assaulted, fails to respond when Mexicans, impoverished citzens and residents are publicly shamed, and killed by vigilantee officers of the law.

Let us, especially those of us who never stood up publicly against racism and bigotry, not presume that we can tell the oppressed of the world to be quiet, stay off the streets, and not raise the shout every day and every night. Curfews and states of emergency for our health sake and to stop the looting are all part of the same corrupt mechanisms that are still creating characters like Boss Hogg (a fictional character whose crookedness is on display in the public service), Lindsey Graham, Billy Graham, Mitch McConnell, Ted (Mc)Cruz, Devon Nunez, Kenneth Copeland, and John Hagee, and conspire to be silent at the horrific murder by a known police officer and three of his colleagues of George Floyd. This is not merely “sad”.

Who is weeping over Mr. Floyd’s murder?

Sad is what happens when your mom dies of old age. Sad is what happens when you slice your finger open in the kitchen. Sad is what happens when the bigot in the White House sits like a puppy beside Russian leader Putin and defends none of America’s distinctive aspiratins and achievements. The murder of Mr. Floyd is not “sad”. What the police and the Department of Justice have been doing is protecting and covering up for the so-called “bad apples” in the police force. One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch? What about three bad apples in the Executive Branch, the Department of Justice, and the Senate? The tears of the crocodile, its thoughts and prayers are all crumbs that no-one appreciates.

I dare the American preachers and their congregations to lead a sober prayer, not only for peace (peace is the only reason we pray for those in authority), but for a swift end to the Republican notions of impartial justice and the presidential idea of “fine people”.

Tell the crocodile he can stop weeping. We got his game!