Fascist America on Display

Any doubt that Christianity has taken root in the American psyche just vanished as the bigot in the executive mansion assaults protesters so he can have an asinine and divisive photo-op.  The stuff that goes on in the churches have for a long time been estranged from the truth of the gospel.   In a strange twist of justice America is putting on a show of the technological frontiers and the deep depravity of the Third Reich.  The resumption of space flight and the use of violence to dominate peaceful citizens is complete with the picture of the most criminally-wounded leader (He  has dozens of indictments waiting in the wings when he leaves office in addition to being  impeached and shielded from being thrown out of office by a corrupt and perverse Republican majority in the Senate) in the world.

America is no Jacob-Israel.  Her “very  fine people” will never stand for Jews or anyone to protest the evils that have puffed up America’s pride in her shameful discourse with the devil. 

Yeah, we know, they call anything “gospel” that they think will advance the personal interests of an individual or two.  Helping the sick and poor, imposing select portions of the Mosaic law, a vegan diet, going off in a vision to know what scripture says, supporting Israeli violations of the Palestinian people, bullying people to pay a tithe to an illegitimate priedthood are not “gospel”.  Summary executions and murders by cop or by rabid white supremacists tell the story of America’s fascist plank.  Tiananmen Square moments are certainly being contemplated by administration officials.

They despise and trample

This last week there was John Hagee, broadcasting the utterly insane sideshow of a communion service as an opportunity for power to flow from heaven instead of a simple and dignified memory exercise. It is stunts like this that many Americans go to church for.

You still want me to stand and salute your flag and politics?

Law enforcement underpins civic society and the churches focused on law as supreme lend themselves to the mindset of vigilantism.   They are all ready to stone and lynch their neighbours because the law demands it.

Murder by government got its icons this spring. The American president holding someone’s Bible up while standing in front of a burnt church after tear-gassing a peaceful crowd of protesters and a White police officer camly – hand in his pocket- murdering a Black man with his knee on the victim’s neck.

Kill me for kneeling instead