Mama Heard You, George

All of Africa heard, “I can’t breathe”, and feels it.  From across the pond, mankind’s coming up alongside you.  They know what we need.  That knee is coming off our neck. 

The baptism we have avoided

Societies love to appear intelligent and sensitive but there are no more schizophrenic communities than those depending on law and order to ensure success or correct injustices.  From the adulterous Israel (ancient and modern) to China the big red dragon, we avoid the hard pulling.  Even when  God said “Save Rahab” they put her outside the camp.   America  is the queen of ’em all.  Humanity, outside of the religious and pllotoclak emite  just happens to be a law – a standard –  all by themselves.  The world needs a baptism into humanity’s primary interests.  Do you know how many people think you are not human?

The circumcision we denied

The humanity and labour of Black and brown people is in the success of the American empire and the back of any bus is not where we want to be.  Some people do not mind being second class citizens and others even take pride in the scraps they call employment, security and happiness.  Our roots are in us wherever we go, and the blackness of any skin is a token that one’s ancestors did not hide from the sun. It is popular still to despise root and branch of identity but there is no excuse for denying or trying to change the destiny and dignity that is ours.  Americans do not like Europe because it was the birthplace of the worse (by some reckoning) and still current outbteaknof inhumanity. America has  been doing for 200 years what the Nazis did for 5.  We denied Marcus, Malcolm and Martin.  Thank God, Jesse and Al are carrying the torch without apology.  A  circumcised heart does not put up with injustice.  How many flies do you allow to sit on your food?

Evangelical deception cornered

A cone of silence marks the trail of big bosses, big churches and big armies.   Every now and then into the silence comes the roar of thunder exposing for all to see the deceit behind die and go to heaven religion.   Phony as a gas powered cellphone!  They cannot speak of justice.   Only the Black ones have the courage to say from the pulpit with Biblical context and authorization “That isn’t Jesus”.  Much of the breaking news in evangelical Christianity today isn’t even Moses.  At least they could be saying “Love the alien” and “Eradicate poverty “. But no, healing and prosperity are the new church lottery and a whole new set of lies are being prepared to explain why the world needs right now a racist criminal bigot to stand in for the righteous Republican party. Of course they cannot speak truth or justice into the quagmire of today’s civic life. What can anyone learn from the global picture of the treatment of Palestinians, First Nations, and women and children? The big boys are cornered.

That knee is coming off our neck

The visionary young people have this. It is God’s design.