Vigilantism nicely dressed

A book I read recently hoping to find a glimmer of the gospel turned out to be another compilation bemoaning America’s moral decline.  The writer’s impression that a nation can absorb the Bible as its guide was not as surprising as his conclusion that it is easier to be “saved” than “lost” (his quotes). 

Follow the trail, and do not nod off


  1. Says “You are the God who brought me out of bondage”?
  2. Rejects God’s voice and dies on the journey without receiving what was promises?
  3. Denies that it is God’s faithfulness that endures and assures success?

The answers

  1. A rescued people,  whose trail ends hundreds of years before God’s word comes to pass regarding the possession of Canaan
  2. A stiff-necked and Holy Spirit resistant people
  3. A person who believes he saves and keeps himself

Fingers in the wrong pie

You have heard them: trashing Jesus so that they can look legit disciples of Moses and whoever else claims to have the Bread of life. Thank God, I say, that Moses preached Christ without understanding the profound impact of the Messianic mission. Christ’s decease needed to be explained to Moses and Elijah. The Incarnate Word alone is foundation of the church.