America gets no caliphate

Poor Falwell and crew! The thinly disguised moral majority was all the time silent on the violence directed against minorities, women and aliens. While many churches and the prominent leaders kept up the propaganda about public morality, they were ignoring lying, respect for parents and Sabbath-keeping. Not a good look for biblical morality. Falwell was no exegete and “biblical” for many evangelicals still means anything found in the Bible they hope to connect to life in America. For crying out loud: the state of Israel is the only entity with the Old Testament as its constitution or main law. The vision that gave rise a Christian America is a nightmare from which recovery is unlikely. The more people keep saying “God bless America” and “One nation under God” the less likely it seems that America will have a caliphate.

Fascism follows law

People have seen what God would do when people are oppressed.  We do not need to imagine.  Genocide, wild west vigilantism, gun fights, crooked marshals and drunken preachers, do not make a great precursor for a government underpinned by any distillation of biblical teaching. Discrimination and violence are not tools for civilization or spirituality.  After 200 years there is no evidence of responsible civic society.  American and western governments have deceived the world with words like democracy and rule of law.  Law gets into people’s bones and they kill themselves.  They have elections and keep up apartheid structures and misogynist beliefs.  People excited about law will do what the crowd and the gatekeepers did to Jesus.  Guaranteed!  We do not have to imagine what they will do to us. 

No Christ in the room

Holiness, goodness and equity do not come from law even though the law is those things.  This grand triad comes to human lives only through the cross.  If you think that the pastor will say the right thing because of his office (as Caiaphas did regarding the death of Christ) you know your lifeline is straw.  We have a hard time finding God, much less Christ, in the world’s governments.  America has been a captive of defunct ideas – chosen people and the rule of law- and is not a puppet of Russia.  Americans and many Christians are essentially fascists, mostly devoted to imperial colonialism, genocidal solutions to social problems, and the superiority of European and Jewish peoples. Just ask their neighbours. Christian government is a $23 coin.  No matter how many judges the religious people put on the supreme court and no matter how many Christians are elected to government there will never a Christian caliphate.