Chief law officer lies graphically

America’s Attorney General is a lawyer of the worst kind. He thought he needed to summarize the Mueller Report for the American people. We have Mueller’s own summary of a) no collusion and b) a host of criminal activities which Mueller was prevented from attaching to a sitting president. Isn’t he the one keeping protesters busy with his silence on police brutality and is he one of those patriots who does not believe that all men are created equal?

Wonder no more, Christian sibling

The vocal American is likely to be a public pretender – a writer, preacher, prosecutor and peace officer. The silent have shown what ugliness lurks in their churches and institutions. If we understand New Testament politics and modern governments calling themselves Judeo-Christian or Christian we know that a only a graphic lie has given them the appearance of legitimacy and human decency. AG Barr should lose his lawyer license stat for betrayal of the public trust.