Putrid and Putinist Patriotism

When the American president poses with a Bible in front of a church building and repeats the hollow sentiment that the United States has a Judeo-Christian root or shoot we know that there may be more American patriots outside of the US than those resident. That idolatrous claim is borne out by the stupid pairing of God with country. Two thousands years is a long time to establish a Christian state, more than enough time and enough time for the supervisor of the project to say “time is up”.

I suppose King James’ translators let him down. If their work was supposed to give the realm a cutting edge tool for bringing biblical the outcome is out in the open. They let me down even though I know that translations of the Bible from their original languages are not intended to bring the reader into a consistent face to face with the writers. The pulpit and the classroom are the best places for giving believers an inside view. Few pulpits and classrooms are engaged in this task.

Governments have no interest in making Scripture come alive for humanity and if they had an interest in adopting biblical codes for governance they surely look like they could not find them. Even the modern Jewish state is playing games with the Bible. Hundreds of years after David and Solomon the levitical kingdom came crashing down. What else could there be that anyone might want to prove?

The United States, as a righteous and godly entity, is manifestly a counterfeit. The Russians and the Chinese have America strung up by the ankles. The fundamental religionists are helping. If the United States is female, that makes a shameful display.