Kingdom progress

It is a popular option to have some things in the Bible designated as permanent, and the ancient traditions of Israel are usually treated as such. Secular governments like to think of their legislation as permanent and unchangeable too. We have to admit without hesitation that antiquity alone does not make anything commendable or permanent. “Old is right” is not tenable. With the arrival of John the Baptist people began to take note and even change their minds. It is at the intersection of kingdom and people where we see the complete unraveling of authority

Advancement often means change

A few important signs of progress will help us establish the pattern of progress and change.

  • Promises to Abraham
  • Covenant of circumcision
  • The Sinai covenant
  • The Palestinian covenants
  • Inheritance rights for women introduced (Numbers 27)
  • The general practice of sacrificial offerings
  • The Solomonic kingdom
  • The prophet (Deuteronomy 15) and the messenger of the covenant
  • Jerusalem and Gerizim
  • Types and shadows
  • Truth and sincerity
  • Discrimination and the Gentile world

A kingdom of priests is a recipe for corruption, inconclusive rounds, and offscript marketing