Canadian Cicadas Choirs

Most people never see a living cicada.  Almost everyone has heard their loud buzz (song?) on a summer’s day.  For many years I imagined that squirrel were succking their teeth or lips.  Each year in recent memory, like clockwork, one of these mysterious insects lands on one or two of  my windows 18 floors up.

July 24 2020

When the creature arrives everbody stares with absolute wonder.  I say a respectful hello,  wonder if he/she is healthy,  hungry, or tired , and I wish there was something I can do.  These winged wonders will end their lives in just over a month.  In that month they will be loud and eager to mate.

I’ll be out, God willing, to capture their journey in pictures and audio as they climb trees and light and hydro power poles. My God, 6 weeks to live after being underground for 14 years! Diversity and fragility hardly gets any more wonderful. Let the cicada hallel arise.

Watch and listen: