Thunder Throne Tricked out Like a Bordello

When we confront people with what the Lord Yeshua taught they run for cover behind the prophets, sometimes even a contemporary phony one, and even a New Testament writer who is a known contortionist.   When people are exposed for having a kindergarten prayer life they say God speaks to them audibly saying things that can’t be checked. Prayer, as taught and modeled by God’s Son, is a rare communication phenomenon, because the throne room thinder has been hijacked and turned into a merchandising enterprise resembling bordello exercises.

When a prayer, offered on behalf of a congretation, gets answered we can rest assured that God does not exclude the congregation when he answers.

Typically we do not pray to get announcements. We pray for answers to the situations beyond our control. We pray, just for the record, even when we know that the answer is in the works. If the prayer – the exchange of thoughts- is like a department store transaction no believer should get excited about someone asked to pray decreeing the things he requested.

Prayers are not applications for permission to decree. Practically though, does anyone ask permission to love one’s neigjbour? Who asks for permission to heal the sick, raise the dead, or cleanse lepers? Does a chiid of God need permission to announce what God’s answers to prayer are without evidence of the answers?

There is one instance where the thunderous utterance from the throne is secret, private for the one hearing it (Rev. 10:4). If prayer is not being abused the voice of God puts the solutions we seek into motion, or shows the solutions in progress as is the case for the utterances from God’s throne. Shall we say that things sought in prayer in Christ’s are due for a factual yea and amen? Where God has not spoken we tend to prostitute the prayer and everything else.