Rude, Crude, Reality TV from The White House

Many people in positions of influence need to be recognized for their lack of integrity.   Many of today’s leaders and states have a record of racist and malicious actions, and many are ill-equipped to do the right thing where people of faith are concerned. All people have been deceived.  Many, including the bigot in the White House and many religious leaders have not faced either the fire of the fight for justice nor have personally jumped into the fire of public service.

Public service is far from the hearts of the people stacking the courts with bigots and defenders of fascism, the so-called religious liberty, and law and order.  Truth, as it relates to Scripture and Christ, is far from a lot of pulpits and hearts.  Noise, outdated symbols (flag, tent, gold-plated box) and gimmicky emotional expressions distinguish them from followers of the Way and from gospel interpreters.

Reporters need to learn to bless the bigot in the White House with the truth about his record.   I know that many churches treat simple questions in the same way as potus45. His grades are evidence that anyone can borrow and steal money, just like preachers whose best efforts are borrowed and stolen. Truth, however, cannot be that hard to distinguish. Truth never involved urging people to shut up and die in a pandemic, take dangerous medicines, or support rude, stupid and crude racists.

If relevant and timely questions to a public official are rude that official must be surrounded and supported by stupid and cowardly people.  Maybe they and the leader are lower than farm animals (like Isaiah observed).  Not every human being has the commonsense to say “I think that is wrong” and the few that do are too afraid to step out of the sycophant’s line. The administration of the 45th president is a clear demonstration of shallowness, cowardice, illiteracy and incompetence.

All those amens in church are coming back to haunt us.  Especially now that Google (or whoever) has the church’s meetings from start to finish who is to say “Nope. That ain’t in the Bible” and who is looking at or joining  the church ‘s proceedings unlawfully?   Most of us are not that naive.

Let us watch as the “wild west” criminal spree brought to full force by the bigot in the White House comes crashing down on the Republican party and on all those spineless and practically dumb robots who call themselves Yeshua’s sheep and shepherds.

You have to be a bigot to pay homage to a bigot