Another brutal and callous attack on a Black life

The average citizen needs no investigation to conclude that a Wisconsin police officer just showed his criminal intent.  The authorities have to investigate the incident, but citizens have to investigate why there are no videos of white people being brutalized by white police officers.  I am interested in discovering the motivation that makes so many people of integrity oppose the reigning in of police powers and the redirection of taxpayers’ money to services that demonstrably save lives and protect people.

God save us from civic and religious leaders who reject knowledge!

Using the “three strikes you’re out” pattern police services should have long ago been brought under stricter civilian control.  But no! Governments, in addition to being afraid of sabotage by forces opposed (including the official opposition) and always facing the prospect of losing power have used the police services to intimidate and harrass all Native Canadians, and old and young Black Canadians. Now the religious people are shaking in their boots, because they have adopted police tactics – our pastors have become cops who can’t and don’t read the signs.

Law and order has got to be the most vacuous political plank. How does the snowball of less government survive in the hell of strict law and order? The White Paper and Royal Inquiry into the failure of religions have shown that law and order are – not God’s recipe for life and living – but the necessary protections for juveniles and the immature.

Black lives matter more than ever because the powers that be and religious people have conspired to create a western version of the Taliban and ISIS Caliphate.

The bigots in the political parties and organized churches cannot see the problem of bad policing because they never cared about women, the oppressed, and the marginalized except to have a miracle, a viral moment or photo-op.

Which part of the protect and serve mandate did that cop in Wisconsin read?