Way past one bad apple

We keep hearing the representatives of police services, apoligists for religiius violence, and those who tactics are similar to life-changing police actions say the public’s rejection of police brutalty and criminal behaviour are the work of “one bad apple”. We have also seen how good apples cover up and excuse the actions of the the bad apples. We are so far past one bad apple that denying that the time has come for a disciplined look into police criminality and that it is time to change how police officers are supervised and disciplined is the result of sand-buried heads.

They act outside of law and are treated as above the law. Some individuals actually say and think that they are the law.

Zero-tolerance is neither Christian nor Judaic. We keep saying things like “never again” and “prevention is better than cure” without tallying up the recurrence of every kind of wrongdoing. Do we believe James (2:8) or do we take seriously the centuries of a tabernacle standing as evidence that there was never any covenant compliance?

Maybe we have not taken the exercise of mind power past repeating what pir leadars say. Not me! I draw the line as following the crowd when it comes to life, limb and loyalty. I’d like to think of myself as escaped from the perverse and crooked generation and you can too. They can call us opinionated or elitist but we know we have learned a different Christ from the masses. When they show us a Christ who allies himself with political parties of any ideology or religious persuasion we must believe our eyes.

Those are the really bad apples whose lifestyles and beliefs our Lord cautioned us to avoid.