Doctor Ostrich and Death Overdoses

Herd immunity is the medical concept of allowing (I wing it!) a disease to run rampant until the population develops a natural resistance. The cost is an extremely high casualty count. Listening to some people who have the ability to spend time and money protecting and caring for the affected populations one gets the impression that 200,000 deaths mean nothing more than a nuisance and obstacle to their electoral goals. That kind of willful ignorance is not going to happen in Canada. We have no stomach for Dr. Ostrich, Pastor Blind, and Dr. Martyrdom.


200,000 dead; 7,131,000 infected (from

Sometimes life imitates nightmares. No ships carry the intransigent Americans and Brits into exile but the reins held by Russia and the entities making up the UK tell us that united power is no longer possible, no matter how miraculous or functional the innovations. If one wants to see fragmented government and divided people one needs to look no further than the United States and the United Kingdom. These two nations might as well confess their exile instead of ginning up their independence and freedom. Remember potus45 sitting mute in Helsinki! Remember “we are rounding the corner” as nearly every statistic points to more deaths.

Let ’em die in the millions! We’ll honour them with a monument.