Sons of potus45

The bigot in the White House has many sons (I wonder how many daughters!) who swear there is no such thing as a virus pandemic killing people in the hundreds of thousands. All those Christians and their leaders who see a winner in the Republican party’s platform are tree waiting for the axe to fall.

Leading from the shadows

The threat is not death. Death valley is in every continent and island and God is in every death valley. The shadows created by created beings confuse, deceive, and enslave. Does anyone remember “there were no millions of Jewish lives lost in the holocaust in Europe”? Aren’t the shadows telling us now that only sick people die from covid-19? Do not those shadows even now tell us that up is down, that law is grace, and America is a righteous empire. I suppose the tribes of Israel did to make the point sufficiently clear.

After thousands of years of gathering to the sacred tent (or temple) for guidance and atonement the leadership disowned God. They said that the Roman emperor was their only king (basileus, king, βασιλευς, melek in Hebrew, מלך).

Even if America, or any other state, religious or cultural jurisdiction has dozens of streaks of divine instruction in its policymaking God does not hide his disgust with lies, with the oppression of widows and orphans, with the discrimination against what people eat, drink, or wear. His rebuke, censure and chastisement are equally out in the open; quite clear.

Who’s the boss, who’s your dad?

Politicians and preachers seem to have found bargain basement prices on mind transplant operations. They are spouting the same drivel about life and liberty without the only Saviour as the source.