Infamous Infection Indignation

It is October 2020 and the gloating bigot in the White House has fallen victim to the plague that he wished would kill off the vulnerable. The expression “Oy oy oy” (polite Hebrew for “holy *ing s%#@”) leaps off my lips.   In my dialect we say “i i i”.   “Alas” and “Oh” are mild and the simple “woe” may mean a rebuke or a tumultuous and merciless military attack.  Woes and pestilences are no laughing matter and we must learn to do more than wish bad things did not come near our homes.  Woe in the year 2020 has one face: the deadly covid-19.   When a head of state plays down the virus’ potential and record, tells everyone who cares to listen to him that his nation has turned the corner, or that the warm summer will eradicate the threat,  it is the response that is woeful and infamous, not the virus.

One Woe…Seven woes

Predictions are “nutn changes” and “sacrifice means less”.

Hands on the rail all the way and thanks taps at the top says a man is in great shape.

Frantic attempts are in motion (a) to obscure the trail of the infector-in-chief (b) to change the antiviral defensive practices in the White House (c) make asinine rhetoric by Republican leaders, the rally mobs disappear and (d) to blame the minders of the president for failing to protect him.  Oy, oy, oy!

I do believe that people do not want to be near a walking infection silo or be lead by one, and it is obvious that people are dying to maintain the cover story about bad practices in the People’s Republic of China and to have a two-left feet economy survive at all costs.