A deserved duping out in the open

It is cold comfort that sone American justices want us to believe that they only interpret and apply the law as it is written.  The most recent nominee to the Supreme Court asserts that (a)  the law must be interpreted according to the intentions of the founders and (b) there are problems that law cannot solve. 

Problems that current law does not address are problems that can be solved by new amendments.  Otherwise one is left with criminal conduct above or outside the law.

The two assertions show just how idolatrous the American justice system has become.  Every body of legislation is open to amendment.   The USA constitution was deemed to have missed important rights and over the two centuries of its existence there have been 27 amendments.

Interpreting as written

We are not so daft as to think that people do not keep seeing themselves as outside the law or abovs the law, but our eyes do not fool us.  Neither 18th century English nor 1st century Greek is out of reach.   We are being duped into rationalizing the oppression of having multiple jobs and being unable to nake ends meet, and the inequality of second class citizenship for Black and brown people.

Even the great Mosaic law was found lacking the justice of equality and the case was made by women for women’s inheritance rights. 

We believers understand the need to treat the gospel as an unchangeable message and our best approach is to master the language of the document.   This is hardly rocket science for either English of the 18th century or Greek of the 1st century.  It is shameful that both preachers and lawyers fall short of becoming reliable witnesses because they respectively reject the idea that original languages open the door to accurate information and reject the idea that law can change.

If American English of the 18th century has difficulty bringing the wealth of its standards to the lighf of day the prospect of 1st century Greek bringing its riches to the church is quite improbable.