From the edges of the swamp

January 07, 2021

You do not want your children hanging out with the intellectually radicalized.  Reverence for the conspiracy about a stolen election is about as low as the proverbial ant’s backside, and despairing about the rule of law should not even be admissible on the lower rungs of the policy ladder, but learned and respected persons doing so provide us with evidence that they are residents of the warmongering swamp from the edges of which I can make this observation.

Who do we suppose is supporting the the debunked allegations of election fraud? Would you be surprised to find your pastor and the respected educators trafficking in the rejected legal cases brought by deluded lame duck president and his sycoohants?

History professor should debunk not defend inevitable terrorism

It’s an awful shame it has to come down to this because a handful of very powerful people on both sides decided to violate the voting rights of people by making major changes to both State Constitutions and Federal Constitution laws.

Host (chat group)

This is where excellence lands when the truth is hard to find.  If for all the secondhand slogans that we endure from politicians and religious leaders a few courageous souls asks the right questions in the right places would they not be labelled as traitors and seditious?

No culture war. 

The fight of faith has no partisan component.  We have no war with  Mike Pence did his job in the face of tremendous threats and against his instinct to support the president. rescues his future.  He read the will of the American people.  Then the walls and the holograms of courage and revolutionary zeal fell.  Breathe a sigh of relief and a note of thanks that a full record of the sedition is easy to put together. From the inciter to the radicalized trumpettes and back again,  it is all on the wall, like the writing on the wall.

Mene. Mene. Tekel. Upharsin.  Popping time.

You believe God has a hand in who gets to lead the nations but you won’t accept that he exposes shallow heroes?

He cannot lose except by fraud who won the college by means outlawed.

Do not overreach. The interpretation of the  ‘Mene’–God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it.

God’s got a pin for that

‘Tekel’–you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient. Daniel 5:27

‘Peres’–your kingdom has been divided and given over to […] Daniel 5:28

You may call it coincidental that the American people get a perfectly divided Senate demolishing the reign of spineless and often heartless GOP, but there, in Daniel, is precedent. May the great evangelical swamp remain locked up south of the 49th parallel.